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Robin Mackay founded Capstone Turbine Corporation in 1988.  After retirement he remained on the Board of Directors until the company went public.  Prior to Capstone, Mr. Mackay was Director of Industrial Market Development for The Garrett Corporation which became AlliedSignal Aerospace and is now Honeywell.  Mr. Mackay was with Garrett for 24 years.  Before that, he was with The Boeing Company’s Industrial Products Division, then a leading manufacturer of small industrial and vehicular gas turbines.

In all three companies, Mr. Mackay developed new concepts, applications and markets for advanced gas turbines.  These include the first all gas turbine cogeneration system, the first gas turbine-powered uninterruptible power system, the first subatmospheric gas turbine, the first industrial closed cycle gas turbine, the first solar-powered gas turbine, the first commercial air bearing gas turbine, the first microturbine, and the first magnetically coupled gas turbine-driven compressor for commercial heat pumps. Mr. Mackay holds ten patents and has three pending.  He has given numerous papers to the SAE, ASME, AEE and other technical organizations. 

 In 2004, Mr. Mackay formed Agile Turbine Technology, LLC to develop advanced gas turbines.  The initial thrust is for a patented concept in which gas turbines offer higher efficiencies than comparable diesel engines over the full operating range and have faster response to load changes. Targets are vehicular applications for buses, class 8 trucks, SUVs and pickup trucks, as well as stationary applications for data centers, air conditioning and primary power for commercial buildings.